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FARE, the fire detection expert

Based in Dadonville, in the first low consumption building in the region, FARE is the leading French manufacturer of fire detectors, and has received many innovation awards.
FARE, which is at the leading edge of technology, is part of the DEF Network, an international, independent fire safety business network. The network, which is one of the French leaders in its sector, provides a complete FSS - Fire Safety System - offer that goes much further than detection and extinguishing by including sound system, emergency exit management, smoke extraction and compartmentalisation, etc.
An environmental, economic and civic commitment
1 126 000
Solar energy production in KwH since 2010
% of staff is happy with their job at FARE
6 047 700
Production of detectors in the 21st century


Research and Development

The R&D activity is based on the mastery of electronic, optical and mechanical technology. Many applications also require software development and sophisticated algorithms. Our engineers and technicians have the use of modern equipment and test devices adapted to development using the latest technology. Our priority for the coming years is to systematically deploy eco-design methods […]

Automated SMD chain

Our integrated production is supported by a trained and experienced team that masters automated manufacturing techniques. FARE employees are aware of the need for quality improvement and permanently contribute to the improvement of production processes. Our surface wiring workshop (SMD), which has a capacity of 2,200,000 components per week, produces our product electronic boards. Each […]

Automatic optical inspection

Optical inspection makes it possible to check the fitting and soldering of each CMS component. Of a size of less than a few millimetres, only high precision machinery can effectively carry out the necessary checks and inspections. These checks make it possible to significantly increase the manufactured board quality and guarantee that the manufactured products […]

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Addresse :
782 rue Duhamel du Monceau
ZA de la Guinette

Tel : +33 (0)2 38 34 54 94


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