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FARE, the fire detection expert

Installée à Dadonville dans le premier bâtiment basse consommation de la région, la société FARE est le premier fabricant français de détecteurs d’incendie, récompensé par de nombreux prix d’innovation.
A la pointe de la technologie, FARE appartient au Réseau DEF, réseau international et indépendant d’entreprises expertes en sécurité incendie. Le Réseau, un des leaders français sur son secteur, apporte une offre complète dans le secteur SSI - systèmes de sécurité incendie -  qui va bien au-delà de la détection et de l’extinction en intégrant des expertises en sonorisation, gestion des issues de secours, désenfumage et compartimentage, etc.
An environmental, economic and civic commitment
963 000
Solar energy production in KwH since 2010
% of staff is happy with their job at FARE
5 495 667
Production of detectors in the 21st century


Research and Development

The R&D activity is based on the mastery of electronic, optical and mechanical technology. Many applications also require…

Automated SMD chain

Our integrated production is supported by a trained and experienced team that masters automated manufacturing…

Automatic optical inspection

Optical inspection makes it possible to check the fitting and soldering of each CMS component. Of a size of less than…

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Happy customers !

There was a very high participation rate for the 2017 customer satisfaction survey. The customers who responded represent 98% of the sales turnover.
As part of the DEF Network strategy, with its goal of 80% minimum customer satisfaction, the FARE management has taken up this target and congratulates the entire team on the overall score of 89%.
Although the quality of our communication has room to improve, the quality of products and services remains a strong point. The quality of service has greatly improved especially regarding of troubleshooting, technical support, and claims, where we achieved 100% satisfaction. This is the result of the hard work of the dedicated team member who has been working for several months on this topic.
The quality of the logistics service also attained a huge score, achieving 95% satisfaction!
Let's hope that our new website launched in July 2017, allows us to inform you continuously and more efficiently. All the responses and comments will be handled with care so that we continue to improve together in 2018.
A big thank you
for once again participating in the customer satisfaction survey.
Addresse :
782 rue Duhamel du Monceau
ZA de la Guinette

Tel : +33 (0)2 38 34 54 94


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